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Give the Gift of Memories

Kayden Photography Gift registry is the perfect combination of a lasting memorable gift and the ease of shopping for the perfect gift.

If you are getting married, having a wedding or baby shower, or even having a large retirement party!  We have a simple solution to buying the perfect gift!
Not only do we have gift certificates in any denomination, we also have personal gift registrations that accept funds starting at $25.00 and up!

We will set up your own personalized link and page for you to email, display on your blog, website or Facebook pages so your guests have the ease of shopping for you a gift.

Each day you will be notified via email on your account balance so to plan all of the photograph purchases from sessions, canvas, prints to books and cards. You can use your gift funds for any of Kayden Photography’s sessions and products. 

After the cake is all gone and all of the guests have gone home, nothing lasts better than memories and the gift of preserving them for many generations to come.


♥ Note.  Any Kayden Photography Gift certificate or registry monies are non-transferable or cannot be turned in for cash denominations.