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All about Kayden

Hello there! I'm Kayden! I'm a mother of three children , wife to a silly sarcastic man and last but not at all least, I am passionate photographer!

I have been photographing all of our family moment for years and then decided one day that this is one of the the consent things in my life they no matter what the image is , it makes me smile.... so I decided to take my passion and turned it into the best job in the world! Well one of the the best jobs.

I am a firm believer to be truly happy in life you need to have a job that makes you fell happy, even when everything isn't always going perfect. I found it!

When I am not Being a wife, mom, photographer, I have other passions when i am not super busy, I am a lifestyle blogger and wright about travel, home, family and my love of being a shoe connoisseur and clothes hog! Oh! And really good coffee and cocktails!

So stop by, enjoy my freebies, and share the love on social media, I would be Oh! so grateful! But most of all live your passion!

Wishing you a beautiful life!

Cheer!, Kayden