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Wow! You have a nice camera!

Wow! You have a nice camera, I bet it takes really nice pictures.....I can't tell you how many time in the last 20 years of photographing I have heard that (insert eye roll)

Most of the time I am my usual kind self and say something like... I really love it and the build quality is really good! Not really knowing how not come off sounding like a jerk! When the reality is, it dose matter when you have a good quality camera.

There are many advantages to a higher end camera they have great sensors and the pixels count is greater usually and the quickness reigns supreme! Especially for sports photographers and capturing those ever moving 3 year old's!

Then there are the lenses. Most better quality cameras call for better lenses and well.... we all know the glass is where it is at to get the best creamy bokeh and that narrow depth of field. So YES! having a nice camera can make a difference in the end product. But... Nothing can make those beautiful images without that artistic eye and camera knowledge. So the two need to work together to create the perfect images and any good photographer with a grain of salt knows you can take beautiful images with about any type of camera.

So don't feel bad if you don't have that $4000.00 camera, perfect your skill and confidence will always prevail over the lack of gear.

Keep shooting!

Cheers to later,