Most asked questions!

Q- How to I schedule an appointment?

A- It is really easy, you can call or email us! Email is a bit quicker, but we will get back to you with-in 24 hours

Q- Do you have a studio we can come to?

A- No, I do not currently have a studio, the world is my studio!

I have never saw the reason to have one due to all the with wonderful local architecture of Kansas city and surrounding cities!  I love on location shoots and the natural light outdoors, Sunlight is the most faltering light and you can’t beat Mother Nature’s props!  If you prefer, I would be very happy to even come to your home for a fun lifestyle shoot. Some of the most memorable photos are created in the comfort of your own home.

 So… whatever your preference is we will try to accommodate you!

Q- What times are your sessions? 

A-  There are only a couple times a day that are perfect for outdoor portraits.   Very early morning, so if you are an early               riser this will be perfect for you.  And right before sunset (the golden hour) nothing like the golden light near sunset for producing the most beautiful and magical looking images.

Q- How soon until I get to view my photos?

A- We will be able to have your fully edited images ready for viewing within 2-3 weeks.

Q- How long will it take to for me to receive my photos after I have place my order?
A- Usually after your order is place you my expect delivery with in 2-3 weeks some specialty items and custom designs may        take  a bit longer.

Q- What should we wear for our session?
A- When you schedule a session with us we are going to have all of the information in a “What you need to know on your             session day” packet, from what to wear to what things you should bring!

Q- Can I snap a few photos during my session with my camera or my phones camera?

A- Sorry! I have found that, additional flashes , and people in the background causes unwanted distractions and may                    prevent hat perfect image you hired me to take.

Q- Can you remove blemishes and imperfections?

A- Yes!  We can!  We are happy to remove small imperfections such as pimple and unwanted scars.  We will never remove any scars or imperfections w/o your request.  We have been trained for over 18 years in editing.  We want you to be happy

with how you look in your photos but, reserve the right to limit the amount of editing to preserve the integrity of you and your image.

Photo editing requests are an additional fee per hour.  All additional editing will be discussed at the time of your personal one on one  session consultation.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to drop us an email!